Enjoy the Cruise

It's been a titanic undertaking, the creation of our modern civilization. Those of us in First Class are sometimes reminded of the teaming multitudes in steerage, but for now the party goes on while those in Second Class strive to crash it. We're not sure who, if anyone, is at the helm or where our ship is going. Few notice that the Designers, whoever they were, seem to have forgotten to include lifeboats. But why should they? Surely our modern society will cruise on forever, unlike all prior ones.

It is the vast ocean of time that we cruise; it's foggy, no one can see far ahead, but some stand on the bow and wonder. Will the future always resemble the progress of the past? They think of Easter Island—of what it might have been like to take dominion over a new world, to be fruitful, to multiply, to build great monuments, and then to eat each other.

They didn't have lifeboats either.

The ship's hold is still nearly half full of coal; lights glow, the music plays, engines hum—it's a wonderful life. But what happens when the last tree is cut down, the last of the coal shoveled? Did the Designers have a plan? Will we stop and refuel somewhere? Will someone harness zero-point energy? Will the party never end?

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